$1,000 to Change the World

Do you have an idea that could Change the World? Engineering is one way in which talent, skills, expertise and imagination can be combined and used to Change the World for the better, both now and in generations to come. These changes could be big and bold, but it is often the smaller, ever evolving ideas that can have the biggest impact. Now you have your chance to make your mark, what would you do to Change the World?

Your Challenge

Select $1,000 of our products and tell us how you would use them to Change the World.

We want to hear your creative, achievable ideas that could make an impact on the world today. Whether it will change the world for everyone, just your family, your local community or for people on the other side of the globe, we want you to tell us your idea.

All you need to do is to select $1,000 worth of products from our entire range and explain in 500 words or less how you would use them to Change the World.

The competition is simply about ideas: to enter you don’t need to buy or develop anything. Just tell us what products you need and how you would use them.

All You Need to Do:

Select $1,000 of our products and tell us how you would use them to Change the World!

Choose Your Products

Go to e14changetheworld.com/stores, select the $1,000 worth of products that will form the basis of your idea and add them to a Shopping Cart.

Save the Cart as a CSV file.

Submit Your Idea

Then go to the entry form, write a description of your idea and upload the CSV file.

The final date to submit your entry is the 28th February 2017.


  • 28th February 2017: The final date to submit your entry

  • 14th March 2017: Finalists will be announced

  • 28th April 2017: Video entries will need to be submitted

  • Second week of June 2017: Winners will be announced


  • The entries will be judged by a panel of experts from element14 and Premier Farnell.

  • The winning entries will show creativity, technical innovation and have the ability to change the world.

  • The Judges decision is final and we will not enter into a dialogue with regards to the merits of individual entries.


  • Finalists: 25 Finalists will be asked to submit a video describing their idea in more detail.

  • Winners: 10 Winners will be chosen to receive the $1,000 worth of products that they selected to support their idea and the opportunity to talk to our teams about making their idea a reality.

Making it Happen

For our Winners, the opportunity to Change the World can really happen.

element14 and Premier Farnell have a track record of working with businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, to bring ideas to reality. As a winner of the Change the World competition, you may want to see if you could turn your idea into reality and may need some continued support or guidance to make this happen. There are lots of ways that we can support you. Each winner will get to spend time with our teams responsible for helping get products such as Codebug and BBC micro:bit to market, to see how we can help you on your way.

Competition Closed


Your Local Currency

$1,000 is the equivalent of:

AUD 1,300
CAD 1,300
CNY 6,700
CZK 24,500

DKK 6,800
EUR 900
HKD 7,750
HUF 288,000

INR 66,800
MYR 4,200
NZD 1,400
NOK 8,200

PHP 48,500
PLN 4,000
RON 4,100
SGD 1,400

KRW 1,135,000
SEK 8,800
CHF 1,000
TWD 31,750

THB 35,000
GBP 850