Do I have to buy the products?

No. The products will need to be added to a Cart in order to be able to export them as a CSV, but the purchase process does not have to be completed and the items can be removed from the Cart once the download is complete.

Do I have to submit a design with my entry?

No, this competition is based on ideas and does not require a design to back up the entry.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes. We want to hear as many good ideas as possible.

Will I need to show that the products I have selected will build the idea I have submitted?

No, the products will be reviewed as supporting evidence for your idea and will not be required to form the basis of a design.

If I am selected as a Finalist will I need to show a design as part of my video entry?

No. We’d love to you build something, but know some ideas will take a little longer to become reality.

Can we submit an entry as part of a team? I am a teacher and my class would like to submit an idea?

Entries can be submitted as a “team”, although one person, for example a teacher, should be the main contact. The main contact must be over 18 (see Terms and Conditions).

If I win, but don’t want the $1000 of goods, can I have the cash equivalent?

The Change the World competition is seeking to inspire people to change the world. We are therefore unable to offer a cash equivalent prize for winners if they do not want to receive the goods they chose to use in their submitted idea.